LEFT Sweater -    :: Zup::  Mesh Outfit Hipsdark  at  FamouStation Skirt -    :: Zup::  Mesh Outfit Hipsdark at FamouStation Bracelet -   ...

Sweater -  ::Zup:: Mesh Outfit Hipsdark  at FamouStation
Skirt -  ::Zup:: Mesh Outfit Hipsdark at FamouStation
Bracelet -  [BREATHE]Soothe Bracelet silver
Necklace -  ^^Swallow^^ Rosary Necklace Female  at Black Fair
Hat - Neverwood//. Edith Wide Brim Sun Hat - Pitch

Suit - Addams // Jacket Suit with Shirt with HUD
Shoes -[BREATHE]-La Perla Heels-pink rose at Black Fair

At Scene
Fancy Decor: Wood Table (stained) at Shinny Shaby
Fancy Decor:Tabletop Frames at Shinny Shaby
Fancy Decor: Small Stool (white) at Shinny Shaby
Fancy Decor: Plank Panels (stained) at Shinny Shaby
Fancy Decor: Simple Candelabra at Shinny Shaby

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