Left Top -  Indented  Show l White Skirt -  Indented  Tied l Plaid Hat -   [7891. ]  Mickey Cap Oxblood Tattoo -    :: Zup::  Camera Tatto...

Top - Indented Show l White
Skirt - Indented Tied l Plaid
Hat - [7891.] Mickey Cap Oxblood
Tattoo -  ::Zup:: Camera Tattoo
pose -  PURPLE POSES - Couple 389

Top -even.flow- Statement Crop Top 'i love noobs 
Pants - even.flow - Baggy Sweatpants 'white'
Pose  PURPLE POSES - Couple 389 

Sweater -  Addams // Cardigan w/ Shirt for Women 
Shoes - [Shoeminati] Lindenaire cherry red at at Black Fair
Browns - Unorthodox RVRE Eyebrows chocolate
Hairbase - Unorthodox FWU Hairbase chocolate
Necklaces - Urbano Jesus Piece gold
Ring - Urbano  gold money ring

In Scene
Fancy Decor Table & Frame Set
Apt B //  Curved L Shape Hanger 3
even.flow - Animal Plushie 'Honey the brown bear'
even.flow- Animal Plushie 'Yogi the grizzly bear'
Apt B //  Bang Bang Neon Sign
Apt B //Industrial Bed RARE at K9
Apt B //Skybox Bunker RARE t K9
Apt B //Standing Light t K9
Apt B // Wheeled Table t K9
Apt B // Drawer t K9

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