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Im using
Top - EVANI - Hanna top [LATEX RARE] at The Epiphany
Shorts - EVANI - Hanna shorts [LATEX RARE] at The Epiphany
Socks - EVANI - Hanna long socks [Black HIGH FEET] at The Epiphany
Vapes - Peaches 'N Cream - 'Planet Of the Vapes' Electric Vape at The Epiphany

At Scene
SAYO - Hello 
.:: ONE GRID ::. CoCo 3D Picture at Cosmopolitan 
:HAIKEI: Daydream GACHA / RARE at Kustom9
:HAIKEI: Daydream GACHA / {2} at Kustom9
:HAIKEI: Daydream GACHA / {3} at Kustom9
:HAIKEI: Daydream GACHA / {4} at Kustom9
Peaches 'N Cream - 'Extra Creamy' Peachbucks Frap {wear} at The Epiphany
Peaches 'N Cream - 'Like Totes Adorbs' Basic Bitch Tote at The Epiphany
Peaches 'N Cream - 'Get yo' Shit Together" Adorbs Planner at The Epiphany
Peaches 'N Cream - 'Emotional Baggage' Handbag Clutter at The Epiphany

Image 2
:HAIKEI: Daydream GACHA / {1-Earth} at Kustom9
SAYO - Book Cluster
SAYO - Sketch Cluster
SAYO - Sintique
.:: ONE GRID ::. CoCo Sofa at Cosmopolitan 
.:: ONE GRID ::. CoCo Satelight at Cosmopolitan 
.:: ONE GRID ::. CoCo Sidetable at Cosmopolitan 
.:: ONE GRID ::. CoCo Diamond Lamp at Cosmopolitan 
Peaches 'N Cream - ' BITCH B GONE' Repellant Spray at The Epiphany

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