Im using Hair  - #Foxy - Waterfalls. at  Shiny Shabby   Bra  -  #EMPIRE  - Arcade Dec '16 - Feather Harness -*B*-*-RARE at  The...

Im using
Hair - #Foxy - Waterfalls. at Shiny Shabby 
Bra - #EMPIRE - Arcade Dec '16 - Feather Harness -*B*-*-RARE at The Arcade Gacha
Horns - #EMPIRE - Arcade Dec '16 - Horns at The Arcade Gacha
Bangle - LaGyo Iconic Words Bangle Peace - Silver at Fameshed 
Bangle - LaGyo Iconic Words Bangle Dream - Silver at Fameshed 

At Scene
[Black Bantam] Miracle Angel Baby Wings Girl at The Arcade Gacha
[Black Bantam] Younger Penguitten at The Arcade Gacha
[Black Bantam] Older Penguitten at The Arcade Gacha
Jinx : Hedgy Piggies Winter - Snowed in at The Chapter Four

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