Image 1 Im using Hair  - [monso] My Hair - Somi  /Black&White at  Fameshed Dress  - #EVANI-Cara dress GREY at  Uber Waist p...

Image 1
Im using
Hair - [monso] My Hair - Somi  /Black&White at Fameshed
Dress - #EVANI-Cara dress GREY at Uber
Waist pullover - #EVANI-Cara pullover BLACK at Uber
Nail polishes - -tres blah- Jolie - Nail Polishes
Nail file - little bones. Nail File (animated)

At Scene
Trompe Loeil - Shelby Couch at Fameshed
-David Heather-Golden Sunglasses at The Arcade
JIAN Lively Labs :: Not So Srs Pup at The Arcade
MudHoney Hudson Lamp - Gold
Ricielli - Peekaboo Bag  /Monster #black
[PM]Pixel Mode - Long Drape  - Right -  Gray
[Cosmic Dust] - Sketchbooks
[Cosmic Dust] - Uncle Max's Potato Crisps
[Cosmic Dust] - Sticky Notes - Nile's Love Note

Image 2
Im using
Hair - taketomiWEST - Kylie - Naturals NEW !
Earrings - LUXE. Tassel Earrings Gold 
Dress - UC Sophie dress with color hud at Uber
Fan - -David Heather-Diamond Fan Left at The Arcade
Shoes - #EMPIRE - Orchid at Fantasy Collective

At Scene
Trompe Loeil - Shelby Couch at Fameshed
-David Heather-Royal Assets Tray at The Arcade
-David Heather-Pearl Clutch at The Arcade
-David Heather-Royal Jewelry Box at The Arcade
* SORGO - Watch at The Arcade
JIAN Lively Labs :: Golden Companion Pup at The Arcade
MudHoney Hudson Lamp - Gold

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