Im using Hat  -  -David Heather-  Gomez Wide Brim Hat/Nude Hair  -  little bones. Mercury (Wide-Fit) Necklace  -  ^^Swallow^^ Eliz...

Im using
Hat - -David Heather- Gomez Wide Brim Hat/Nude
Hair - little bones. Mercury (Wide-Fit)
Necklace - ^^Swallow^^ Elizabeth Necklace short
Coat - -David Heather- Fain Fur Coat/FP/Nude 
Dress - UC Criss Cross dress with color hud at Cosmopolitan

At Scene
-David Heather-Corse Bag/Mahogany at Monsier Chic
 CHEZ MOI Tropical Dining Set  
  CHEZ MOI Placemat Tropical Yellow 
 CHEZ MOI Tropical Dining Chair 
Fancy Decor: Teacup w/ tea at The Crossroads
Fancy Decor: Teacup at The Crossroads
Fancy Decor: Tiered Tea Tray at The Crossroads
Fancy Decor: Teapot at The Crossroads
Fancy Decor: Stacked Plates at The Crossroads
Fancy Decor: Grass Planter at Monsier Chic
Fancy Decor: Tall Fern Planter at Monsier Chic
Fancy Decor: Fern Planter at Monsier Chic
Ariskea[Mocorra] Tree plant 1 at Fameshed
Ariskea[Mocorra] stone path at Fameshed
Ariskea[Mocorra] Tree plant 2 at Fameshed
LB CherryTree {4Seasons} at Fameshed
[ keke ] hard to find cutlery in glass

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