Im using Hair  -  little bones. Grace - Pastels at  Collabor88 Earring  -   LUXE. Ornate Earring Gold at The Liaison Collaborative Bangl...

Im using
 - little bones. Grace - Pastels at Collabor88
Earring - LUXE. Ornate Earring Gold at The Liaison Collaborative
Bangle - LUXE. Multi Cross Bangle Gold at The Liaison Collaborative
Jacket - DIRAM - Taylor ONE Sleeve Jacket at Shiny Shabby
Belt - DIRAM - Taylor Belt at Shiny Shabby
Skirt - DIRAM - Taylor Skirt at Shiny Shabby

At Scene

Scarlet Creative The Arcade J 16 - Nerites Folly House MC RARE at The Arcade Gacha 
-David Heather-Fur Coat Rack RARE at The Arcade Gacha 
-David Heather-Umbrella Bag/Sienna at The Arcade Gacha 
-David Heather-Horse Stool RARE at The Arcade Gacha 
-David Heather-Gallery Tilt at 
The Arcade Gacha 
-David Heather-Heather Headphones at The Arcade Gacha 
[ keke ] eau de revenge at The Chapter Four
[ keke ] eau de need at The Chapter Four
little bones. Powder Puff at The Arcade Gacha 
little bones. Liquid Lipstick at The Arcade Gacha 
little bones. Hair Brush at 
The Arcade Gacha 
 little bones. Hand Fan at The Arcade Gacha 
 little bones. Reductive Tea Cup at The Arcade Gacha 
LeP - London Chic Chair
LeP - London Chic Console
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Tuba Planter


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