Im using Bra  - Effie Triangle Bra - White at    Shiny Shabby Short  - #EVANI-Liza with color hud at    Shiny Shabby Pose  - AMITIE...

Im using
Bra - Effie Triangle Bra - White at  Shiny Shabby
Short - #EVANI-Liza with color hud at  Shiny Shabby
Pose - AMITIE :::Draped Collection at Tres Chic

At Scene
Concept} 04. MYCHILL HURDLE decorated -  RARE at Shiny Shabby
Concept} 02. MY CHILL BED - PG -  RARE at Shiny Shabby
Concept} 10. MYCHILL POUF NATURAL at Shiny Shabby
Concept} 08. MYCHILL BIG PILLOW at Shiny Shabby
[ keke ] beach chair - green at Arcade Gacha 
[ keke ] message in a bottle at Arcade Gacha
[ keke ] beers on ice RARE at Arcade Gacha 
[ keke ] beach chair - blue at Arcade Gacha
[ keke ] candles in a pot at Arcade Gacha 
[ keke ] sticks w lights at Arcade Gacha
[ keke ] sticks w lace at Arcade Gacha

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