Left Bracelet - LUXE. Rope Bracelet Gold at  Uber Bracelet - LUXE. Rope Bracelet Silver at  Uber Shoes - fri. - Macey.Platforms ...

Bracelet - LUXE. Rope Bracelet Gold at Uber
Bracelet - LUXE. Rope Bracelet Silver at Uber
Shoes - fri. - Macey.Platforms (Candy) at Uber
PoseIOS Amy Pose 3 (Gift)

CrownRebel Gal :: Maya Queen of Fashion Crown. at The Gacha Garden
Hair::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Kendall - pastel at The Gacha Garden
Bodysuit ** DIRAM **  JELENA Body&Fringed skirt - White
PoseSari-Sari - Ground Sit 3

At Scene
Skybox - [Schultz Bros.] Roosevelt Skybox at Cosmo
[BananaN] Wall art alphabets at Cosmo
[BananaN] Wall bunny deco (texture change) at Cosmo
[BananaN] Book stopper with books at Cosmo
[BananaN] Wall deco flags (texture changer) at Cosmo
[BananaN] Sofa Grey (texture change pillows and doll) RARE at Cosmo
Rug - :: NewChurch:: Geometric Area rug at Cosmo
*Cila* Winter Bear Latte
*Cila*  Winter Bunny White RARE
fri. - Macey.Platforms (Cloud) at Uber

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