Left Hair  -      ::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Ellen. Bra  -  MAAI  Oaks lingerie * Nude Boxes  -  Ama. : Comfy Boxers : Triangles...

Hair -   ::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Ellen.
Bra - MAAI Oaks lingerie * Nude
Boxes - Ama. : Comfy Boxers : Triangles  
at Cosmo

Hair - little bones Celine  at C88
Lingerie -  MAAI Riana lingerie * White
Coat - 
  LAZYBONES - Robe Coat - Grey at Gen-Neutral
Coffee -  {BE} Coffee 
at 6º Repúblic November

At Scene 1 
B.C.C-Roxy Bedroom - Wall decor paper  at 6º Repúblic November
Fancy Decor Print Books at 6º Repúblic November
[ keke ] 
hard to find cutlery in glass at Kustom9
[ keke ] hard to find bowls 3 at Kustom9
 *[Black Bantam] Pears In A Wooden Dish - Faded Green at 
at 6º Repúblic November
[PM]Pixel Mode - Chestnut Street Apt w/o lightcasting at 6º Repúblic November

At Scene 2
 Bauhaus Movement - Californication - Painted Crate at 6º Repúblic November
Fancy Decor 'Freedom of Conscience' Print at 6º Repúblic November
 B.C.C-Roxy Bedroom - Bottles &Cups - Oops at 6º Repúblic November
B.C.C-Roxy Bedroom - Frames Lamps - Brown at 6º Repúblic November
B.C.C-Roxy Bedroom - Knitted Rug -Cream at 6º Repúblic November
BALACLAVA!! Kehoe Antique Phone at 6º Repúblic November
BALACLAVA!! Kehoe Vintage Poster (Trumpet) at 6º Repúblic November
BALACLAVA!! Kehoe Ceiling Fan at 6º Repúblic November
 [ keke ] hard to find the 13th star - bright at Kustom9
  [ keke ]hard to find table - bright  at Kustom9
[ keke ] hard to find plates stack at Kustom9

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