Left Hair - ::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Stefani. Blacks at  The Fantasy Collective Mesh head -  Genesis Lab. Head Amber 2.0 Emotions ...

Hair - ::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Stefani. Blacks at The Fantasy Collective
Mesh headGenesis Lab. Head Amber 2.0 Emotions  at The Fantasy Collective
Septum ^^Swallow^^ Prison Nose Chain 2 at kustom9
Necklace -   ^^Swallow^^ Rosary (Female)
Dress -  LAZYBONES - Lenya Bustier  Black (fitted) at The Fantasy Collective
Pose - ..::Vibe::..  . - "A New Leaf" pose 7 at Shiny shabby

Mesh head  - Genesis Lab.  Alice 2.0 Emotions
Hair -  *ARGRACE* HARUKA - Midnight
DressLAZYBONES - Lenya Bustier Burgundy (fitted) at The Fantasy Collective
Bag -   UC - fringe bag butterscotch
Pose ..::Vibe::..  "Chromantika" 6

In Scene
CHEZ MOI  Salem Witches Square NEW FOR HALLOWEEN !!!
 With numerous animations and a creepy soundtrack THE SQUARE:
 Room for 4 people
 17 individual poses
 Thriller Dance
 It has 8 nightmares sounds on shuffle that you can control by menu – just click on the fence to displayit.

 Space for 2 people – each
 23 individual poses – each
16 animations to enjoy alone – each
•10 activities – each
• 24 animations for couples in love
• Many wearable props3 FLOATING GHOSTS that make the scenario even more frightening.

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