LEFT Dress -   r2    A/D/E anzu pink at C88 Panties -    r2  A/D/E anzu pink at  C88 Shoes -  r2      A/D/E anzu heels pink at  C88 Mask ...

Dress - r2    A/D/E anzu pink at C88
Panties -  r2 A/D/E anzu pink at C88
Shoes - r2    A/D/E anzu heels pink at C88
Mask - *Cila* Pink Rose Mask New at The Fantasy Colletctive
Hair - TRUTH HAIR Rogue Light Blondes

Panties - r2 A/D/E anzu pink at C88
Tattoo - ::Zup:: Chakras Tattoo / Maitreya Applier Included
Tattoo  - Zup:: Hate Me Tattoo / Maitreya Applier Included
Shoes - fri. - Veronica.Platforms - Flora at Noon SLT
Mask -*Cila* the end mask friend - Pure black at The Secret Affair

At Scene
[we're CLOSED] lounge pillow multi linen
Trompe Loeil - Star Light Pendant Silver & White Short
Eirene Furniture - Wall decor cloud
ASO! Star2 (blue)
(fd) - Cat 10 Scared

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