LEFT Shoes-  Whatever    Business - Yellow with HUD at Fashion Fair Skirt -  *Cila* Siannodel skirt champ at  Fantasy Gacha Carnival 11th ...

Shoes- Whatever  Business - Yellow with HUD at Fashion Fair
Skirt - *Cila*Siannodel skirt champ at Fantasy Gacha Carnival11th feb

Top - *Cila*Siannodel top Champ RARE at Fantasy Gacha Carnival11th feb
Skirt- *Cila*Siannodel maxi skirt Champ RARE at Fantasy Gacha Carnival11th feb
Hair - TRUTH HAIR Nathalia - Light Blondes
Head acessory - .O A S I S. Heart Headpiece/Gold red
Flower - ASO! Hana stick white

Skirt- American Beauty- White Gown Skirt
Bracelet - *Cila*Siannodel Armlet  at Fantasy Gacha Carnival11th feb
Tattoo - Whatever Goddess Isis 
Crown - .O A S I S. Crown Gold

Sofa at Scene - Apt B // Strandmon Couch -Adult- at TMD

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