LEFT Bodysuit - *MSS* - Grey Jumpsuit  at  HT Headpeace -  OrsiniRed Frosted Bloom Headpiece  at  Cosmopolitan Hair -  AsHmOoT  Hair Col...

Bodysuit -*MSS* - Grey Jumpsuit  at HT
Headpeace - OrsiniRed Frosted Bloom Headpiece  at Cosmopolitan
Hair - AsHmOoT Hair Coll Venere HC/ Ombre  at Cosmopolitan
Shoes -Essenz - Cosmo blogpack  at Cosmopolitan

Coat - AsHmOoT Dolls Coll Dolly Coat at Cosmopolitan
Sotckings - AsHmOoT  SS Coll Stockings White W Lace at Cosmopolitan
Hat - AsHmOoT Acc Coll Pon Pon Franch Hat at Cosmopolitan

Coat - *Cila* nekoneko coat Ash  
Beret - *Cila* nekoneko Ash 
Boots - AsHmOoT AW Coll High Knee Boots Leather at Cosmopolitan
IN THE SCENARY all at Cosmopolitan Event
Ex Machina - Crate with bottles 
Wood hammock. Myrrine
Ex Machina - Tesla lamp floor version
Myrrine Wooden stools with candles. 
Apt B // Wood Hanger 

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