LEFT   Dave Look Hair -  Exile   High and Dry  NEW!! Jacket -   ::7Style::   Jacket  -borb- on The Chapter Four Pants -   not so bad   ...

LEFT  Dave Look
Hair - Exile High and Dry NEW!!
Jacket - ::7Style::  Jacket  -borb- on The Chapter Four
Pants -  not so bad  EDWIN jeans  red on The mens Departament
Shoes -David Heather- Ricardo Oxfords SE/Sienna on  The Mens Departament



Corset -   ISON   Geometric
Skirt - American Beauty Blood Metallic Skirt on The Show Room 
Sholders - Color.Me.H.O.F [AnjaFurShoulders] GIFT
Necklace -  ISON  safari tribe necklace (gold)
Shoes - Ricielli Amora Sandals / Neautral Pack on  The Dressing Room
Hair - *Soonsiki~ Quest *Blacks* on  WE LOVE ROLE.PLAY

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